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Products: My Stash

I keep a stash of selected products on hand for my own use and for the many students and clients who visit me at Lichenwood. I would be delighted to tuck a few of these treasures into your order!

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Chakra Kits from Radiant Vibrations
Vibrational Sprays from Moonwise
Votive candles from Crystal Journey

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Chakra Kits from Radiant Vibrations
The Mini Chakra Kit contains a universal anointing oil and seven gemstones to assist you in meditation and healing. Comes with black pouch for storage and suggestions for meditations. $13.50
Single Chakra Kits for each of the seven chakras come with an anointing oil designed for the specific chakra and the proper gemstone to aid you in your work. Also with black pouch for storage. $ 9.00

Vibrational Sprays from Moonwise
Vibrational Sage Sprays are made with herbs resins, flower essences and/or pure essential oils in a sage base. They are made with love and intention to bring forth the power of the ingredients used. May be used in a room, on the body or in a bath.
California White Sage Spray ~ This is my personal favorite for clearing the client room between visits, or for preparing space for ritual or meditation. 4 ounce spray bottle/ $14.95
Dream Time Spray ~ Helps you to enjoy a deep, protected dreamtime experience! Spray on your pillow and keep a dream journal handy! 4 ounce spray bottle/ $16.50
Aura Shield Spray ~ Protects and strengthens the aura, heals auric tears. Perfect for the workplace! Keep yourself protected from other peopleís negativity! 4 ounce spray bottle/ $14.95

I keep a supply of basic gemstone pendulums on hand. You could easily personalize these great little tools with your own beads and embellishments. They already carry a great vibration and come with their own little pouch. Let me choose the one thatís right for you, or make a request.
Various crystal energies are available (Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Jasper, etc.) only $ 6

Votive candles from Crystal Journey
These high quality votives are my favorite for candle magick using flower essences. I burn one daily on the altar. I keep a variety of colors/fragrances on hand: Rose, Enchanted Forest, Cinnamon, Patchouli, Aphrodesia, Blood Orange, Rain, Ocean, and more.
Single votive: $ 1.25, buy 6 or more and they cost only $1 each!

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