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The name “Reiki” is Japanese and comes to us from Dr. Usui, a healer who rediscovered this ancient form of energy work in the late 19th Century. The word "Re" means "universal," while the term "Ki" translates to "life force energy." There are many systems of Reiki healing in use today other than the traditional Usui system.

Reiki is taught through a process of education and attunement by someone who is already an attuned Reiki Master/Teacher. There are three primary levels, Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III (Master/Teacher or Master/Healer). A Master/Teacher undergoes a lengthy apprenticeship where he/she is taught the process of attuning others. A Master/Healer is capable of using all the healing techniques of the Master/Teacher, but may not attune others.

Reiki employs the use of special symbols drawn in the air by the Reiki practitioner (and/or visualized) to help focus energy during a Reiki treatment. Each Reiki level introduces new symbols, educates the practitioner in new applications of healing, and brings about an increased ability to sense and work with the energy. When a Reiki practitioner places his or her hands slightly above or lightly upon the client’s body, they are acting as a conduit for this universal life-force energy. Reiki can help bring the body's energy centers (chakra system) into greater alignment and facilitate the healthy flow of energy. This is both relaxing and healing, removes energy blockages, detoxifies the system, and increases vitality.

The client is fully clothed and lying in a relaxed position on a comfortable massage table. During the treatment, many people feel warmth or can sense the energy moving through their bodies. Others feel nothing other than relaxation and a wonderful sense of calm.

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Reiki often brings relief from chronic ailments. Soothing instrumental music, aromatherapy and/or flower essences may be used to enhance your treatment. I received my Reiki I and II attunements from traditional Usui Master/Teachers. My Reiki III Master/Healer attunement in the Shamballa Reiki system came through Christopher Penczak. I also have Ethereal Crystal attunements through Bonnie Ruiter of Radiant Vibrations.

You can schedule a Reiki session with me by email. A full hour of Reiki costs $75; a half hour treatment is available for $40.

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