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Greenwood Herbals
Debbie Mercier
Herbalist, Teacher

Debbie Mercier is the founder of Greenwood Herbals in Limerick, Maine. There is a beautiful shop complete with gardens. An apprenticeship is offered each year. Debbie is a beloved and hands on teacher who will spend the time required with each student. Classes are offered throughout the year.

Christopher Penczak
Author, Witchcraft Classes, Tarot Reading & Healing

Christopher Penczak is the author of several books, including The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. He is a healing practitioner and tarot reader with a practice in Salem, N.H., and teaches extensively on healing, meditation and the Craft throughout New England. Visit Christopher’s website for more information and a schedule of events.

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The Village Witch
phone: 603-373-0573
Raven is a Professional Tarot Reader, Hoodoo Practitioner and the Proprietor of "The Village Witch". She has created a line of products that include ritual bath salts and oils, magickal sprays, magickal oils, loose incense, as well as, charm bags and complete kits for health, prosperity, love, personal energy clearing, clearings for home or business, etc. All Magickal products are blended from her own personal recipes that have been created to enhance and empower all aspects of your life.....Raven is also a Reiki Practitioner, Flower Essence Consultant, and Chakra Therapist.

Earth Spirit Voices
Pat Trotter
Environmental Intuitive

Pat is an Earth Messenger, who through clairvoyance hears the words of our Earth Mother, and all her relations so that we may come to understand the changes of this planet and ourselves, so ultimately we will be able to sustain life in harmony. Pat's ability to read the Earth offers landowners a unique perspective into the 'story' of the land. Historical views from the land's perspective are left as impressions to be discovered, understood, or cleared. Bringing light and a voice to that which has been unheard, creates a new working relationship between the land and the person seeking to know.

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MoonWise-Bounties From Nature
Linda Kaczmarski

MoonWise is a small company that has come about from Linda’s work with the flowers, herbs, oils and essences over the past 15 years. MoonWise was born of the love of the bounties of earth and sky and Linda’s respect and love for Mother Nature in all her guises. MoonWise offers a line of Sacred Sage Sprays that include: California White Sage Spray, Sage Lavender Spray, Sunny Day Spray, Meditation Spray and Dream Time Spray. The sprays are wonderful to make your space sacred and bring in the essence of Sage (and the other herbs) especially at times when traditional smudging is not practical. It is perfect to use between client sessions.
In addition to the line of Sage Sprays, Linda is also a Usui and Shamballa Reiki Master and a Certified Ear Coning Practitioner, offering Reiki and Ear Coning sessions. Please feel free to email Linda with any questions or to receive a brochure.

Green Gems Herbals
Carol Lizotte

Carol is an herbalist, flower essence practitioner, and Reiki Master who offers herbal & flower essence consults, and Reiki treatments for your whole family (Adults, Children, Elderly, & Pets). All services are by appointment. In addition to her healing blends, Green Gems Herbals offers an extensive line of bath and beauty products prepared with all natural ingredients and essential oils. Carol’s love of animals inspired her wonderful pet care products that range from flower essences to address behavior problems to herbal flea and tick protection.

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