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Herbal consultations take between one and two hours and cost $75 exclusive of remedies. The first appointment is the lengthiest. Follow ups may be completed in a much shorter time, and at a reduced fee ($40/half hour, plus $1/each additional minute).

Flower essence consultations take at least an hour and may take up to two hours depending on the complexity of the issue. The cost is $75 which includes a flower essence blend. Most clients do best when they return every 4-6 weeks for a new blend over the course of 4-6 months. Telephone consultations can be arranged for the same price and also include the cost of shipping your flower remedy

Reiki sessions are scheduled for either half an hour ($40) or one hour ($75). Please plan on an extra 10-15 minutes per session for intake purposes.

Appointments to pick up herbs, herbal products, flower essences, essential oils, etc. can be made via email. Visits to Lichenwood are by appointment only. Appointments for services are sceduled Monday through Friday. I schedule only one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon. I take one appointment only on Saturday mornings.

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