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Essence Description
Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)
For balanced opening of the third eye. Improves clairvoyance. This is an important essence for anyone who is experiencing spiritual emergency.
Quince(Chaenomeles speciosa)
This essence brings strength and protection. The protection of Quince is not fierce or aggressive, but firm and nurturing.
Rabbit Tobacco(Gnaphalium obtusifolium)
Supernatural Security Blanket
For fears of one’s own mortality that come on suddenly and with an overpowering force; for facing death, or the death of loved ones; for those who fear contact with the spirit world or who experiencing ghostly visitations; aids proper communication with the spirit world; soothes extreme fright of the supernatural by putting such things in proper perspective and helping the individual to feel in control.

This is a suitable essence for those who cannot take a deep breath because of their fearfulness, seem frozen in fear, or for those who suffer from night terrors.

Raspberry(Rubus speciosa)
Raspberry strengthens one's ability to be compassionate and generous towards others. Assists in releasing emotional wounds and encourages forgiveness. Raspberry flower essence helps to lift one's heart when feeling grief or sadness. It aids in transforming negative emotions such as bitterness and resentment to compassion and forgiveness. It opens the throat chakra allowing for expressions of sympathy. The essence is useful for cases of over-sensitivity. People who need raspberry may be verbally abusive as a mechanism of self-protection. There will be a release of connection to old pain. The signature of this essence is kindheartedness. Raspberry is a useful essence for animals who hold grudges or who cannot let go of old trauma. Consider the essence for problems with spraying urine or defecating in inappropriate places, particularly if jealousy or wounded emotions are at the cause of the behavior. This is an excellent essence to consider when introducing new animals into the family.
Red Clover(Trifolium praetens)
Self Awareness
Red Clover provides true self-awareness so that the individual can think in a calm and balanced way, and act from his/her concept of reality without the undue influence of the group consciousness.
Red Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera)
Spiritual Manifestation
This sacred plant plays a pivotal role in the creation myths of several cultures. The experience of interacting with this plant in the Lichenwood Pond was life altering. You can read about this experience under the “Flower Essences” topic (August 2, 2006) on my blog, Lichenwood Rambles.

The essence is actually very grounding, providing a secure emotional and psychological space from which to make manifest spiritual realities that thus far have only had life on the astral. Do you need to make real an idea, project, or concept with deep spiritual roots that has been living within you as a cherished dream? This is a powerful ally on the path of spirit. If you are called, you will know.

Red Maple(Acer rubrum)
Physical Vitality
Physical vitality! Circulation is improved with Red Maple flower essence. There is a sense of vibrant well-being. This essence relieves the feeling of general lack of interest in doing things. This is a great essence for an imbalance of sexual desire.
Round Leaved Pyrola (Pyrola rotundifolia)
Here is an essence to bring acceptance of things and situations that cannot be changed. Round leaved Pyrola puts things into perspective and allows one to see the whole picture or both sides of an issue.
Rue(Ruta graveolens)
Rue puts up a protective shield against the negative emotions of others. It protects from anger, envy, jealousy, and other harmful feelings that can cause illness or injury. This is an important essence for protection and countermagick.
Scotch Broom(Cytisus scoparius)
New Age Consciousness
Scotch Broom is used when there is despair and pessimism over world events that are out of our control. Watching the news or reading about global events that sadden us can leave us feeling paralyzed and downhearted. Scotch Broom helps us to see that our positive acts and thoughts locally can help affect the world at large.
Self Heal(Prunella vulgaris)
Self Empowerment
This is the essence that will restore faith in one's ability to heal and be healthy. It helps people take responsibility for their own healing. This essence also acts a catalyst for other essences in a blend. This is an essence that is often used topically and included in massage oils
Shepherd’s Purse(Capsella bursa-pastoris)
Personal Power
Shepherd's Purse is for the person who gives too much of themselves, especially their creative talents, to other people or to causes. The intention is positive, but comes at great cost to their own vitality and their own pathworking. Shepherd's Purse teaches these souls to conserve the energy necessary for their soul journey. Maintaining a healthier expenditure of energy makes room for new creative talents to emerge that are of true benefit to the community.
Shooting Star (Dodecatheon hendersonii)
Earthly Incarnation
The gift of this flower essence is to ground the soul safely and completely in the body chosen for this incarnation. It helps the soul feel at home on Earth. At the same time, it sensitizes the soul to the movement of the stars and planets, making it an excellent essence for students of astrology. The astrological chart is said to represent the contract the soul has made for its incarnation on Earth.
Skullcap(Scuttellaria lateriflora)
Positive Energy
This is an excellent remedy for massage therapists, benefiting both the therapist and the client. Skullcap opens the flow of psychic healing energy between the hands-on healer and the recipient. The essence relaxes while activating the neurological system and the meridians. Skullcap is very helpful to those dealing with withdrawal from caffeine, tobacco, or opiates. It lessens intense cravings from the substance of choice and lifts symptoms of depression that arise from dealing with the addiction itself.
Snapdragon (yellow) (Antirrhinum majus)
Emotional Expression
Snapdragon is an essence appropriate for those who use language as a weapon, who are sarcastic and highly critical of others. They hold tension in the jaw and may grind their teeth at night. They may also overeat, looking to chew and bite constantly as a way of relieving this tension. They may redirect sexual energies as aggressive and angry outbursts toward others. Snapdragon aligns the mental, emotional and causal bodies to re-channel these energies to more positive use. Snapdragon allows the individual to more appropriately express their feelings. Look for any physical manifestation of illness in the mouth and jaw, or difficulty with verbal expression (such as stuttering) as an indication for using this essence.
Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum pubescens)
Forward Motion
Solomon’s Seal flower essence is for people who are stuck in some way and not able to progress. There is some block to forward motion (maybe on a project or maybe on changing a behavior pattern). There is resistance to committing to change or making a choice. Maybe the person feels that the devil they know is better than the devil they don't. Taking the essence leads to reflection and looking at the issue both logically and intuitively and finally allows the person to move forward, to change, to break free from whatever pattern they have been stuck in.
Spearmint(Mentha spicata)
Gentle Detoxification
Spearmint is an essence for those who are so severely challenged with chemical and metal toxins that they find they are unable to tolerate most energies or vibrations. Spearmint slowly detoxifies their energy field and physical body. Children, the elderly, and anyone fragile who has been weakened by the environment can use this essence. It is a bit more gentle than Crab Apple or Tomato.
Spicebush(Lindera benzoin)
Spicebush helps illusion and disguise to fall away and lets you see things and people as they really are. Helps people make connections between bits of knowledge they have. They see the interconnectedness of energy and magick. The essence acts as a guide in the dream realm bringing answers to questions. It connects you with guides and allows information to flow through from higher realms.
Spiderwort(Tradescentia virginiana)
Spiderwort facilitates discernment of truth, and brings clarity in situations of mixed messages. The essence helps us accomplish organizational tasks by showing us what needs to be done. This essence may lend some protection against common sources or radiation in our daily lives such as computer monitors. Take this essence before and after exposure to medical and dental x-ray procedures to protect against excess absorption of radiation.
Squawvine(Mitchella repens)
Earth Connection
Earth connection is the keynote of Squawvine essence. There will occur a deeper bonding to Mother Earth and an understanding of the ways we need to support and heal Her. There is also an understanding of the deep nurturance that we humans receive from the Earth on a daily basis. This is an excellent essence for those who wish to garden organically, study herbalism, or follow a spiritual path in the Earth religions. Dowsing abilities are strengthened. The ability to feel the Earth energies such as ley lines is enhanced. People taking this essence will feel more grounded and less spacey.
St. Johnswort(Hypericum perforatum}
Shield of Light
This flower essence is appropriate for people experiencing deep fears and anxieties, often resulting from overly expanded states of consciousness (such as when dreaming or meditating) leading to psychic and physical vulnerability. The essence helps the astral body to properly separate from the physical body during this time and safely cross over into other realms. At the same time, it keeps the soul safely grounded and anchored within their physical self so that the expansion into other realms of consciousness does not leave them feeling insecure and vulnerable. It is a protective essence useful for all forms of nighttime disturbance including insomnia and night-sweats. It is also useful in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder, helping to sustain light within them.
Star of Bethlehem(Ornithogalum umbellatum)
Trauma Healer
Star of Bethlehem, one of the five flowers that make up Bach’s Rescue Remedy formula, is for healing shock or trauma. The essence is able to address traumas that have happened both recently and in the distant past, making it particularly helpful for individuals who have never adequately processed or recovered from traumatic events of their earliest years. Victims of early trauma often anesthetize their feelings in inappropriate ways, such as through drugs, eating disorders or alcohol abuse. They seek to deaden their feelings and perceptions in their quest to avoid pain. This essence is a perfect adjunct to psychological counseling.
Starflower(Trientalis borealis)
Pleiadean Connection
Trientalis borealis is the only flower I know of that is structured on the number seven. From a whorl of 5-9 (but most commonly 7) leaves, emerge two blossoms, each with seven pointed white petals.

There must be some connection between the Pleiades star constellation that is often called the “Seven Sisters” and this bright little forest floor dweller. This essence was created at 28 degrees of Taurus, which is also the location of the Pleiadean star cluster. In order to raise our vibrations to a higher level, we must learn to coexist in harmony with beings of all kinds: human beings of different political and religious persuasions, animals, plants, insects, bacteria, and viruses, and even extraterrestrials . Starflower helps us to be less judgemental and more accepting. “Aliens” appear in many forms. They are those whom we see and judge as “not like me”, but in the end we are all connected. We are all related. We are all one. Harmony and Peace will be the result of learning to live together. Use of this essence helps us to adjust to the coming dawn of the Aquarian Age. It may aid those currently channeling information from star beings.

Storksbill(Erodium cicutarium)
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Storksbill is an essence for girls and women at all the change times of their life to aid them in having a positive body image. This will help a little girl adjust to adolescent changes and accept her transformation into a preteen and teenager. It will soften her transition at menarche and help her to understand the sacredness of moon times and to embrace this new responsibility with joy. It will help the young woman who is experiencing sexual relations for the first time, so that this new experience is healthy in mind, body, and heart. It will also aid transitions to motherhood, starting new relationships after breakups, and will impart the knowledge that menopause is a natural part of the journey of Woman. Natural body changes that occur with aging will be more easily accepted.
Summer Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum)
Fresh Start
When you need a fresh start this is your essence. Summer Snowflake opens the crown chakra and bathes you in white light, clearing out old thinking patterns and making way for the new. It brings a fresh perspective to problems. It will cool your energy when you are feeling overworked and burned out. It will revive and reenergize on a spiritual and mental level. This is a possible remedy for menopausal hot flashes.
Sunflower(Helianthus annuus)
Male Forces
This essence balances male energies within both males and females. Sunflower helps us deal with issues involving father figures in our lives and also with our own abilities to father. It gives a feeling of independence of thought and spirit. Sunflower lends strength to the spine and may be of help to those experiencing lower back pain.
Sweet Leaf(Monarda fistulosa)
Cool and Calm
Sweet Leaf is the essence to use when emotions and passions are running too high, threatening burnout. This is the remedy for the “hothead”. Sweet Leaf calms and allows us to deal with issues in a more reasonable manner. Look for a person who flushes easily.
Tall Meadow Rue(Thalictrum polygamum)
This essence imparts the strength that allows one to have the courage of one’s convictions. The deepest feelings are recognized, acknowledged, and expressed. The feeling is that it is okay to be different, or have a viewpoint that might be in the minority.
Teasel(Dipsacus sylvestris)
Take Teasel flower essence at times when one feels emotionally drained. This is a sign that energy is leaking out of our chakra system, leaving us vulnerable. Teasel helps to seal these damaged areas so we may strengthen and feel up to the challenge of dealing with difficult emotions. We can move on finally. There may be a strengthening physically as well as emotionally.
Tobacco(Nicotiana tabacacum)
Breaking Free
This flower has similar properties to the essence listed as Nicotiana which is a nearly identical plant. I am including this in the Lichenwood Repertory for those who are looking for this particular genus and species. I believe that these two essences can be used interchangeably when working to break addictive patterns and can be especially helpful when trying to break the smoking habit. Addictions such as smoking are efforts to deaden feelings which cause anxiety and distress. Those who successfully break these physical addictions must deal with the root cause of the emotions.
Tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum)
Tomato clears toxic substances or even toxic emotions such as anger, guilt, or jealousy from your system. To some extent, it may clear bacteria and viruses as well. It is sometimes given as a remedy for constipation when the cause is emotional.
Trailing Arbutus(Epigaea repens)
This essence will impart faith in the cycle of life. It is an excellent essence for making new starts. Use this essence when there has been a rebirth into a new life, either literally as with a newborn child, or figuratively, as when marking a milestone or initiation into a completely “new” life. This would be especially useful if the process of initiation or birth has been painful in any way, or when the path ahead looks difficult. Initially there may be resistance and irritation associated with the change. With Trailing Arbutus, there will be recognition that there is a divine plan, and that the journey is worth it. The sweetness of life will be emphasized. A calmness and feeling of protection and connectedness with all life is imparted. Trailing Arbutus supports spiritual awakenings.
Trillium (White)(Trillium grandiflorum)
As Above, So Below
This is an essence for spiritual emergency. It will calm and ground those who feel overwhelmed, and will balance their experience. The structure of the flower delivers the message: As above, so below.
Trout Lily(Erythronium americanum)
Trout Lily flower essence gives the ability to exist totally in the moment and in harmony with the environment. This essence brings a feeling of complete peace. Trout Lily is nice for meditation, as it allows an easier transition to the alpha state.
Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans)
Self Expression
Trumpet Vine promotes warm, soulful, vibrant self-expression. It allows those who are shy or intimidated to speak assertively and with a sense of self-empowerment.
Tulip (Red)(Tulipa apeldoorn)
Body Consciousness
For those who live too much in their heads, totally disconnected to their bodies, Red Tulip brings a strong grounding and centering. With this essence, there is a feeling and understanding that the body is the temple of one’s being. Use this essence to bring animation and outgoingness. Treatment with Red Tulip brings outward expression of inward emotions.
Valerian(Valeriana officinalis)
Deep Peace
This essence brings a sense of deep inner peace when there is outer turmoil. Valerian is a kind of anesthesia for the soul. The soul drops down to a place of depth where the breathing can be deeper. Valerian brings the positive realm of Saturn. Valerian bestows a calm that resides in the physical body yet allows it to transcend its narrow barriers. Valerian is especially indicated for those who are anxious for the future. With this flower essence the soul is filled with a deep remembering of its past — not the immediate past, so much as deep knowing of the soul’s journey through time. This connection with the past is the antidote to the soul’s anxiety about the future. When the soul can remember its roots, it comes to believe in its future. This flower essence imparts a unique kind of tranquility to the soul, what could be called a deep peace. It is helpful in recovery from addiction to those types of drugs that act as tranquilizers to the soul. Unlike chemical drugs that mask the ability of the soul to remember and form positive connections to the past, the Valerian creates deeper knowing and depth in the soul.
Vervain(Vervain officianalis)
Vervain is for the individual who is totally driven to promote his or her agenda or cause. They are fanatical in their beliefs and intolerant of the beliefs of others. Vervain types carry an unbearable inner tension which may be expressed in physical illness. They push themselves to work on past the point of exhaustion in their desire to promote their ideas. Vervain flower essence will lend more mental flexibility, more connection to the body and its needs, and moderation in their approach to converting others to their cause.
Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
Emotional Processing
Water Hyacinth allows one to experience the emotions without self-judgment, moving them into a more balanced state, cleansing one of the extremes. This essence can be of great help in the processing of very deep powerful emotions of all kinds. It helps the emotions to come up from the depths where they can be examined and processed. Water Hyacinth is a useful essence when dealing with mood swings and seasonal affective disorder.
Watermelon(Citrullus speciosa)
Healthy Pregnancy
This is the premier essence for a healthy pregnancy. It will stimulate fertility in both male and female. This is a great essence to use after coming off of chemical birth control. Watermelon essence prepares a mother emotionally for pregnancy and childbirth. There is a deep attachment psychologically and emotionally between mother and unborn child that develops with this essence.
Werewolf Root(Apocynum androsaemifolium)
Transformative Change
This is an essence which is definitely indicated when a sudden accident, often involving a fall and/or a blow to the head, has resulted in a downward spiral of the physical health of a person. There is the feeling that “I will never be the same again”. It helps the person transform themselves in a positive way resulting in a return to health. I recommend that you read Matthew Wood’s explanation on this essence in his Book of Herbal Wisdom.
White Columbine (Aquilegia spp.)
Self Appreciation
White Columbine helps us appreciate our own unique and personal beauty, regardless of how it differs from others; strengthens our sense of self and the ability to project ourselves out in the world for others to see. There is also increased appreciation for music. We are closer to the Fairy Realm as well when taking this essence.
White Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera)
“I bend and am flexible so that I may survive.” You will see the bark unfurling from the trunk, revealing a new face to the world. The flowers are long and dangling, sending out their fertile pollen to the world. They often grow in groups of three, a sacred trinity. It will improve creativity and will help with problems like writer’s block. Even the bark looks like writing on a white page. Communication through the written word is enhanced. Inspiration is heightened. Flexibility of the body is improved and the experience of sacred dance will be enhanced. When you take this essence you will be able to surrender yourself to the experience of writing, dancing, or communicating in ways other than verbal. Poetry will flow with ease. Expressing your thoughts through dance or writing will help you on your healing journey. The process of journal writing will be improved and helpful insights will come to the surface, allowing you to make positive changes, easing forgiveness, healing past hurts, and encouraging the soul to move forward through life, making changes as necessary and being flexible in moving with the flow of events.
White Rugosa Rose (Rosa rugosa alba)
What Lies Beneath
This essence is a great help to people who have a tendency to isolate themselves in order to protect themselves from what they feel will be the inevitable hurt/abandonment/fear that they have come to expect due to their past experiences. White Rugosa Rose initiates the clearing away of all personal issues which prevent the soul’s full involvement in fulfilling their life’s goals. Light is shed onto the deepest most closely held beliefs about oneself and one’s capabilities and we can more easily see that our fears are unfounded. We can forgive ourselves and move forward, doing the best that we can with each challenge, with just the right amount of detachment or expectation of any particular outcome. It may be best to pair this essence with a toner like Angelica to help those who must move through a more difficult time of resistance.
White Turtlehead (Chelone Glabra)
Clearing Anger
White Turtlehead is about cleansing and healing hidden anger without the necessity of having to relive it or even know specifically what this anger is about. It is for people who are on sincere spiritiual quests but who are "stuck in the mud" of their old angers and hurts. Slow steady progress in healing can be achieved once they are released from this "mud".
Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum)
Positive Initiative
Wild Geranium counteracts depression. Brings joy and happiness into the daily life and helps you to get going on projects and bring them to fruition. Wild Geranium gives the positive initiative you need.
Wild Madder (Gallium mollugo)
There is shelter from the storm. This essence gives resiliency of spirit. It enables the person to stick with things when the going gets rough and to find their own inner peace and sense of safety.
Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)
Karmic Release
Wild Strawberry flower essence centers and grounds; clears guilt and creates self-confidence and dignity. Also eases guilt from past lives which may be interfering in our present incarnation. Frees one from vows made in past lives, or the power of words uttered in extremis at the moment of sudden traumatic death. This frees the individual to move forward with the business of the current incarnation.
Wild Yam(Dioscorea villosa)
This essence governs the willpower. It helps to balance will and make sure that it is used in a positive way. It aligns divine will with personal will. The energy sent through distant healing will be strengthened.
Wintergreen(Gaultheria procumbens)
Emotional Healing
Seeing and accepting ourselves for who we are, cleansing ourselves of the expectations of others and giving ourselves the ability to strive for a positive expression of our true inner being is the power of this essence. Wintergreen brings healing from the hurt of relationships gone wrong.
Wisteria(Wisteria sinensis)
Physical Intimacy
Wisteria teaches us to relax and enjoy. It is especially helpful in allowing couples to experience true joyful physical intimacy. This is a good essence for anyone who is “uptight” and inhibited. The fives senses are heightened and calm restored simultaneously. It is also a great essence for someone who has trouble being intimate because they feel overwhelmed or smothered in a relationship.
Witch Hazel(Hamamelis virginiana)
Inner Light
This essence is useful in conditions of depression, especially seasonal depression brought on by a lack of light, imparting a seed of hope, a light in the dark. Witch Hazel can help with difficult decision making. It also enhances any form of energetic healing by aligning the spiritual and etheric subtle bodies.
Wood Anemone (Anemone quinquefolia)
Go With the Flow
Wood Anemone helps you to move along easily with the flow of events in a peaceful manner, making decisions that are for the highest good. This essence helps you to understand that you are connected to the greater whole and are supported by it. You will understand your Karma.
Wood Betony (Stachys officinalis)
Wood Betony flower essence provides groundedness, especially when the person is in a delusional or paranoid state. Wood Betony helps to center and calm. This essence is helpful in anxiety disorders.
Yarrow (Pink)(Achillea millefolium)
Heart Shield
Pink Yarrow protects from absorbing the emotions of others. It is especially helpful in shielding from those emotions which live in the heart chakra.
Yarrow (White)(Achillea millefolium)
Aura Shield
The main function of Yarrow flower essence is to heal the aura of the person, providing a safe boundary from environmental stresses of every kind. People needing this essence may be too empathic to the pain and emotions of others, or they may live in a polluted, allergen-filled environment. They are prone to develop illnesses because of this extreme sensitivity. They could be described as high-strung and hypersensitive. Of course, it is also their sensitive caring nature, which may make them excellent healers, teachers or counselors. Strengthening and healing the aura prevents the person’s energy from “bleeding out” and preserves their strength, both physical and emotional. Yarrow will mend any weaknesses in the aura so that personal safety is maintained without diminishing compassion and healing abilities.
Yarrow (Yellow)(Achillea x moonshine)
Anger Shield
Yellow yarrow protects the individual from absorbing the anger and frustration of others.
Yarrow Synergy(Achillea millefolium spp)
Subtle Body System Protection
This is a synergistically created flower essence co created with Red, Pink, Yellow, Gold, and White Yarrow in the bowl simultaneously. This manifests a very powerful protective energy for the entire subtle body system. This is very beneficial when we are sorting out and clearing energy, emotions, and patterns that are not truly ours. Our own unique blueprints are strengthened and protected.
Yellow Hawkweed (Hieracium pratense)
Visionary Powers
This essence will increase your visionary powers. Yellow Hawkweed will help you fly to great heights while keeping your feet on the ground. This flower essence will stimulate new hope and new ideas, will intensify your life force and will strengthen your communication with humans and spirits. Yellow Hawkweed strengthens and deepens your connection with the mysteries of nature by awakening your vision and inspiring you to a greater creative life purpose. The essence stimulates buried and hidden creativity. It also supports enhanced emotional strength, balance and stability. The flower essence seems to have a physical action as well that eliminates all parasites, worms, infectious bacteria, viruses, Candida, mold, and metal and chemical poisons.
Zinnia (pink)(Zinnia elegans)
Zinnia is an essence of pure playfulness. Helps bring the inner child out to play.

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