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Essence Description
Gardenia(Gardenia jasminoides)
Spiritual Evolution
Gardenia essence is both a support and a stimulus for spiritual evolution. It comes to the aid of those who are in the midst of “spiritual emergency” by helping them to enjoy their new levels of awareness. The senses are awakened and one feels very much focused on being part of planetary evolution processes.
Garlic(Allium sativa)
Parasite Protection
Garlic gives protection to the soul from invasive entities and parasitic energies. This essence works on astral, etheric, and physical levels. For this reason it is often used in flea and tick sprays for pets. People who are easily susceptible to infections because of a depleted immune system may find Garlic flower essence helpful. It can also be placed in natural insect repellents. There are also those whose subtle body system is not functioning well. These people may have holes or tears in their aura which leave them open to negative entities. Garlic helps restore unity and health to the system.
Goldthread(Coptis Groenlandica)
Joy-filled Consciousness
Goldthread helps individuals to be present in the moment and cognizant of the sacredness of every moment. There is joy in the simple everyday things of life.
Green Bells of Ireland (Molucella laevis)
Natural Love
This essence will increase a person’s appreciation of Nature and encourage contact with Nature Spirits. Green Bells of Ireland is a wonderful essence for herbalists, flower essence practitioners, gardeners, hikers, or anyone who wants to enhance their enjoyment of nature. Green Bells of Ireland helps connect sexual love and Divine love so that they may be experienced as one. It would be good for couples who are experimenting with Tantra. It improves fertility of both male and female. It seems to have the ability to promote lubrication during intercourse. Some say they can see both the male penis and testicles and the female clitoris in the structure of the flower. Gurudas suggests using Green Bells of Ireland during breeding and also during times of injury when the healing is not proceeding as expected. To use the essence effectively, you should dose the animal and then meditate sending telepathic visions to the animal that illustrate the result you want.
Hawthorn(Crataegus phaenopyrum)
Gentle Heart
The flower essence also has its major action on the heart. The essence works on the heart chakra, opening the heart and facilitating the expression of love. It is used for difficulties both in giving, and in receiving love. It helps to heal the heart after a breakup, easing emotions such as bitterness, anger and despair. Holding negative emotions in the heart and circulatory system can contribute to heart disease. It may enhance self-love and self- acceptance as well as love and acceptance of others. It helps to soften the heart of someone with a “type A” aggressive personality. Use Hawthorn flower essence in treating chronic conditions in animals. It will improve vitality and aid in cleansing regimes. The essence may be given internally or rubbed into the fur.
Hibiscus(Hibiscus rosa-sinenesis)
Fully Female
Hibiscus gives women a healthy and positive connection to their sexuality, one that brings warmth and love. This essence counters the popular media message that objectifies and dehumanizes women in our culture.
Holly (Ilex aquifolium)
Unconditional Love
Holly is an important healer for the heart chakra. Holly will heal issues of anger, jealousy and envy and open the heart to love. Individuals who need Holly may feel isolated, are suspicious of the motives of others, and feel unloved. They may lack empathy with others. Holly opens the heart and gives the ability to give and receive love freely.
Honeysuckle(Lonicera tartarica)
Power of Now
Honeysuckle is for those who cannot let go of the past, who have idealized memories of “the good old days”. Honeysuckle can help these individuals move on, keeping memories to access when appropriate, but not allowing these memories to hold them immobile on their path. We must live in the moment if we are to grow and progress, not stagnate by becoming mired in the past.
Hyacinth (Pink)(Hyacinthus orientalis)
Hyacinth imparts the calm inner knowingness that your chosen path is the right one for you and the ability to enjoy the path. This essence allows celebration and joyful worship that is truly heart centered. This is an essence for deepening the work of someone who has already been initiated, or had a spiritual rite of passage. Pink Hyacinth encourages the expression of faith through the throat and heart chakras.
Hyssop(Hysoppus officinalis)
Hyssop essence eases the burdens of guilt that we carry and allows us to release them. Those carrying the imprint of guilt carry an inner tension that is very unhealthy. They often feel unworthy to experience joy in their lives. Excellent for children who are experiencing the divorce of parents who tend to feel that somehow this breakup must be their fault. The essence would also benefit the parents who feel guilty for not providing an archetypal perfect home and family.
Indian Cucumber(Medeola virginiana)
This essence makes us feel calm and centered and at home on the planet. No matter what chaos surrounds us, we feel a deep orderly sense of knowingness. This essence is helpful for people who must make an adjustment to a new environment that is more complex, noisy, and crowded. These people are experiencing sensory overload. This essence greatly facilitates meditation.
Indian Pipe(Monotropa uniflora)
Universal Love
Taking this essence opens the heart chakra to receive and experience universal love. The emotional body is cleansed. It would be helpful to take this essence if a person was going through a time of feeling unloved or excluded from social groups. It aids cooperation and a feeling of unity with all life. Universal love is all around us and available to receive whenever we have need. This essence has the unique ability to wake us up to the presence of this loving vibration, to take it within ourselves, to bask in its light, and then to become a radiant beacon sending out this love to heal the planet and the strife that exists between her peoples. Indian Pipe helps us to see our commonality, rather than our differences.
Iris(Iris Versicolor)
Creative Expression
Iris brings soul connected creativity and expression. According to Greek myth, the goddess Iris was the personification of the rainbow who delivered messages between the heavens and earth. In addition to awakening a deep soul centered creativity, Iris flower essence can be used as a connecting or “bridging” essence which unites other essences in a blend.
Jasmine(Jasmine officinalis)
Star Consciousness
Physically, this essence is used for problems with excess mucous production such as sinus problems or even colds. In addition, Jasmine uplifts and spiritualizes us, connecting us to the Higher Self. This one reminds me of the Star card in the Tarot. We see things more clearly with the help of Jasmine. This is also one of several essences which may enhance the study of Astrology.
Jewelweed(Impatiens capensis)
Safety Net
Use Jewelweed flower essence for a person who is anxious and irritated, who feels as if they are “jumping out of their skin”. Fear may be at the base of their anxiety. They may lash out at those around them, especially verbally. They may experience rashes or other skin irritations. Tension is held in the body.
Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)
Green Heart
Lady’s Mantle epitomizes the healing power of the green world. Patricia Kaminski says it best when she states, “just as the gardener must have a green thumb, so the person who heals with plants and wishes to serve the earth, must have a ‘green heart’." This is one of several essences that strongly connects us to the loving energy of Mother Earth. It is also a supreme healer for women who have experienced pain, loss, or difficulty in the reproductive organs. Consider using this essence for pregnancy, birth, and recovery; infertility; surgical interventions in the female reproductive organs. Use it also to help healers, herbalists, and holistic practitioners connect more strongly with the Earth energies.
Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium acaule)
On the Path
Find your true path, walk your talk and express your true inner purpose. Lady’s Slipper helps a person to feel fully “earthed” in their life. They will feel a deep connection to nature and will experience a healthy sexuality. This essence will connect you with creativity of all kinds. This is especially useful when one is at the crossroads of choosing their life’s work. Lady’s Slipper calms nervous energy allowing the manifestation of life’s purpose.
Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia)
Spiritual Calm
Similar in energy to the plant itself, Lavender flower essence soothes nervous tension. It is useful in working with people who experience insomnia or suffer from headaches or vision problems, and neck and shoulder tension. These people are driven to immerse themselves in spiritual practices, but are not prepared to process the energies of such endeavors. Lavender first works to calm and center, while it opens the way for a new more moderate way of working with psycho-spiritual energy.
Lilac (purple single) (Syringa vulgaris)
Lilac is for those who feel overburdened to the point of breaking, but are unable to reach out and ask for help. This essence helps the individual to let go of resentment that is weighing them down. Physically it helps those with back pain and subluxations. Some chiropractors feel it helps hold adjustments.
Lilac (white double) (Syringa speciosa)
Goddess Connection
White Lilac represents a return to the energy of the Divine Feminine. Using this essence will support someone who is the midst of healing crisis or spiritual emergency, surrounding them with white light and the protection of the Divine Mother.
Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis)
Innate Wisdom
This essence presents us with an innocent childlike sense of inner knowing. Lily of the Valley helps us make decisions with an uncomplicated instinctual knowledge of what is correct and for our highest good.
Lobelia(Lobelia inflata)
True Voice
This essence will strengthen the throat chakra, allowing the truth to be spoken. This essence is a great help to people who may feel too timid to express their opinions.
Lotus(Nelumbo nucifera )
Sacred Crown
Lotus flower essence balances the crown chakra. This chakra, located at the top of the head facilitates connection with your higher self, with soul-filled spirituality, and higher consciousness. A healthy crown chakra imbues the soul with humanitarianism, idealism, and a desire to be of service for the higher good. This essence helps to connect and harmonize the interaction of all the chakras. Lotus offers one of the highest vibrations of any flower. It is the symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge and was the most revered flower of Ancient Egypt. As a flower essence, Lotus can be added to blend to magnify and balance the actions of other flower essences, bringing an added sacredness and spirituality. Lotus helps us reach our full spiritual potential. Lotus will enhance meditation practice and prayer.
Luffa(Luffa Aegyptica)
Clean and Clear
Luffa helps the skin eliminate toxins from the body. These toxins may be physical in nature, but more often, they are toxic emotions that manifest as eczema or other chronic skin problems. Luffa can be taken internally, but is also good in a bath or other topical application.
Lunaria(Lunaria annua)
Spiritual Prosperity
This essence awakens us to the spiritual exchange that takes place in healing practitioner and client.

The plant is also called “Moneywort”. Riches are not always revealed by the presence of a big bank account. Lunaria imparts the message that we need to grow our spiritual bank accounts. In doing so, and in pursuing the work of our heart, prosperity in the usual definition will follow.

Maiden Pink(Dianthus deltoides)
Inner Beauty
Maiden Pink brings back the energetic feeling of youth and the inner glow of health and vitality. Excellent for working with depression brought on by aspects of aging. This essence is added to Lichenwood Herbals’ Neroli Face Cream.
Marigold(Tagetes speciosa)
Hearing Aid
Marigold connects the mental and causal bodies, allowing the flower of energy and communication. “Hearing” on all levels is improved: mental, psychic, intuitive, and even academic. Students who are experiencing difficulty absorbing instruction can benefit from this essence. Those suffering from psychological disturbances which involve disruptions in receiving auditory information, such as autism and schizophrenia may benefit.
Marshmallow(Althea officinalis)
Marshmallow will soften our feelings toward one another. Use when there are difficulties getting along within a family or social group. This essence helps us to feel closer to each other.
Milkweed(Asclepias syriaca)
Self-actualized Ego
Milkweed encourages independent ego forces to develop. It is useful in people of all ages who have sublimated their own power and given it over to other individuals or groups causing an unhealthy dependency. The flower essence supports the inner transformation that can free such individuals from the mental, emotional, and even physical habits that encumber them. Some physical habits, such as smoking, overeating, alcoholism, or drug addiction are simply methods that these people have successfully used to suppress their own inner guidance and the unfoldment of their own self-actualized path in life. Milkweed awakens them to their own inner yearnings an power and helps them to achieve individualized goals.
Mock Orange(Philadelphus coronarius)
Mock Orange flower essence brings out the feminine qualities in both men and women. It encourages nurturing and gentleness, aids relaxation and can be a helpful addition to blends for sleep. Mock orange can calm the overly aggressive personality type.
Money Wort(Lysimachia nummularia )
Take this essence when inspiration is needed for bringing prosperity into one’s life. This flower can help the person choose which methods of increasing prosperity will be most satisfying, and which methods of raising cash may not be spiritually beneficial. Money Wort brings a positive prosperity consciousness and the ability to act to achieve prosperity.
Moonflower(Ipomea alba)
Doors of Perception
This night blooming flower is a cousin to Morning Glory. When night descends, the pure white flower opens in the darkness. The message from this flower is “I open the Doors of Perception, illuminating the dark”. The essence will help us to see that which has been hidden by enhancing our perceptive powers in both a physical and a metaphysical sense. Moonflower combines well with Morning Glory. It is also an excellent addition to any blend to enhance creativity.
Morning Glory(Ipomea purpurea)
Healthy Habits
Morning Glory helps those who have developed erratic eating and sleeping patterns. Typically they are out of rhythm with the natural cycles of the day and night. They may use stimulants to stay awake long into the night and have difficulty rousing themselves in the morning. In the extreme case, addiction to drugs may cause a downward spiral into violent or aggressive behavior. Morning Glory brings the realization of the destructive nature of these habits and helps the body readjust to more healthful patterns that are in sync with Nature. It becomes easier to establish better health habits. The individual awakens refreshed and ready for the day.
Motherwort(Leonurus cardiaca)
Healthy Boundaries
Motherwort flower essence promotes the development of healthy boundaries. It facilitates the development of inner strength while allowing a soft nurturing presentation.
Mouse Ear Chickweed(Cerastium vulgatum)
Silver Cord
This essence facilitates astral travel. Mouse Ear Chickweed allows the person to relax into the experience of out of body travel, secure in the knowledge that they remain connected to Earth. This is an excellent essence for meditation, increasing focus and self-discipline.
Mugwort(Artemisia vulgaris)
Lunar Receptivity
Mugwort flower essence helps us to use knowledge gained in the dream state in our conscious waking life. It grounds those who live too much in the ether of their dreams, who may be flighty, hysterical, or psychically too open, while still allowing them access to dreamtime information. It helps make the transition from day to night and night to day levels of consciousness easier.

It will help people enter the alpha state much more easily and in this way enhance not only meditation and dreaming, but telepathy as well. The qualities of this flower essence are lunar and receptive, like those associated with the left side of our brains. Physical healing from any damage to the left side of the brain will be helped with Mugwort flower essence. It helps retrain these areas of the brain. It will help any creative visualization work, especially when used as a modality of healing.

Mullein(Verbascum thapsus)
Inner Conscience
Mullein is the flower essence of inner conscience. Sometimes we find it difficult to walk our path, especially if it seems out of synch with society and our peers. Still, it is of the utmost importance for the soul’s purpose that we are true to ourselves. We all possess an inner knowing about what is right and correct for ourselves, yet it can be difficult to listen to our inner voice and connect with that knowing. Mullein will help us hear, know, and understand that inner voice of conscience and life purpose. More importantly, Mullein will help us to act on our convictions. It will help us find our life’s purpose and take action to achieve it. Mullein would be an important essence for adolescents who may be struggling with moral dilemmas for the first time. Mullein will bring a calm inner certainty and sense of protection that allows the following of the moral conscience. We all face these issues in life. Mullein is not just for adolescents. When faced with a strong desire to follow a particular path, and yet family, friends, or society is disapproving; Mullein can let you discern with clarity what course of action is for your highest good. You will rise in strength from your center and stand tall, in the light, like the Mullein plant itself. Another important signature of Mullein is the phallus-like stalk of the plant that expresses masculine strength. This stalk is covered with velvety down evoking an overall softness. Therefore, we see that we can use Mullein essence to bring softness and receptivity to personalities that are too aggressively masculinized. Gurudas suggests using Mullein flower essence during times when animals are undergoing long training periods for tasks that will be their life’s work, such as with Seeing Eye dogs.
Mustard(Sinapis arvensis)
Mustard fights gloom and depression. It is most useful in lifting the type of depression that settles over one like a dark cloud, for no apparent reason.
Nasturtium (Orange) (Tropaeolum majus)
Life Force
Nasturtium’s gift is lending warmth and physical vitality to people who are overly intellectual and detached. These people have trouble engaging socially with others. People become more aware of and stimulated by color when they take this essence. They will also feel a greater connection to Earth and the physicality of their incarnation. Nasturtium is indicated in cases of narrow-mindedness, compulsiveness, nervousness, or obsession.
Nettle(Urtica dioica)
Self Preservation
Nettle lends support for leaving situations that can't support our spiritual, physical, psychological, or emotional needs. Nettle helps us make clear choices especially about leaving toxic situations. Use this essence for releasing pain and grief related to partings and endings. Nettle is indicated also for those who are often in conflict with others. It helps to heal deep hurt from abandonment. Some lessons are painful, but they are powerful and for our benefit. Nettle helps us realize this. This is an essence to put us in touch with the source of our irritations and to allow us to release our negative feelings in a non-aggressive way.
New England Aster(Aster novae-angliae)
All things must pass. Change is inevitable, but in the midst of change, we recognize that which is positive for us, and also that which is not for our highest good. We are able to discard outmoded behaviors and embrace new ways of being. We continue to reach for our highest ideal. We recognize that we have choices in the midst of change. New England Aster helps us to make those choices which are most beneficial to us.
Nicotiana(Nicotiana alata)
Breaking Free (2)
This flower has similar properties to the essence listed as Tobacco which is a nearly identical plant. I am including this in the Lichenwood Repertory for those who are looking for this particular genus and species. I believe that these two essences can be used interchangeably when working to break addictive patterns and can be especially helpful when trying to break the smoking habit. Addictions such as smoking are efforts to deaden feelings which cause anxiety and distress. Those who successfully break these physical addictions must deal with the root cause of the emotions.
Oak channeled through Smokey Quartz(Quercus)
Well Balanced Strength
Another essence that was channeled from the Tree Kingdom with the aid of the Stone People, this essence allows us to be strong in every healthy sense of the word, without over striving or being too forceful. The positive qualities of grounded well being reinforce this energy pattern, making certain that we use our strength in positive ways that are for our own highest good as well as the good of others. This essence is good for relief workers, social workers, and others who might easily burn out if they do not work in a measured, sensible way.
Oriental Poppy(Papaver orientale)
Fully Present
Oriental Poppy calls you to be fully present in the world. Use the essence to quell escapist tendencies such as over eating or using alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings. Helps you move through experiences without emotionally shutting down.
Passionflower(Passiflora incarnata)
Passionflower connects you to your own sacred divinity. This is a wonderful healer for the heart chakra, bringing a calm serenity. Love for others begins with a healthy self-love and the ability to nurture and care for oneself. Then this love grows and magnifies as it moves outward into the world of others. Passionflower magnifies compassion and guides spiritual awakening. Passionflower helps to connect this loving heart chakra energy with the throat chakra and will facilitate speaking up for oneself and one’s needs. The essence calms and centers the individual. Passionflower steadies the heart rhythm and gives a feeling of peace and safety.
Peace Lily(Spathiphyllum)
White Light
This essence came into being at the Winter Solstice of 2004. The message from this plant was about keeping the seed of hope for peace alive. It is about the recycling of all forms of energy, so that this energy may be continually transformed into the most positive white light energy. This can be used in natural areas that have been polluted in some way, and by people who have undergone toxic therapies. Peace Lily can also be used to keep our inner light alive for positive expression. It is an excellent essence to use during shadow work, or when we have been going through a dark night of the soul. Peace Lily shows us that indeed there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Pear(Pyrus communis)
Group Harmony
This essence brings harmony to groups working for a common cause, or involved in spiritual work. It enhances mental flexibility and the ability to compromise or consider new ideas. To some extent, it relaxes muscles and aids in physical flexibility as well. It also improves musical creativity and sound healing. This would be a wonderful essence to enhance a sound healing, spirit song, or chanting workshop. When animals are introduced to a new home where pets already live, this essence will ease the adjustment. Also good for pets adjusting to hearing loss in old age, or on the other extreme, pets who are super sensitive to noise.
Pennyroyal(Mentha Pulegium)
Psychic Protection
Pennyroyal flower essence repels negative thought forms. In this way, it provides a level of psychic protection from negativity sent your way, or from inner negativity that manifests in obsessive negative thinking. Pennyroyal strengthens and repairs the etheric body. This essence is especially useful for substance abusers who are prone to prone to, and damaged by, obsessive negative thinking.
Peony(Peonia speciosa)
Family Communication
Balances the heart chakra and allows for honest communication of feelings. Peony helps one experience the love of family. Peony is useful for dysfunctional families undergoing counseling.
Peppermint(Mentha piperita)
Alert Focus
Peppermint sharpens mental acuity and allows us to focus more easily. This is achieved by bringing balance to the system which is out of whack and providing an overabundance of energy to the lower functions of the organism. People needing peppermint feel sluggish, dull and lethargic. They cannot concentrate. Peppermint can be a wonderful aid to those struggling with eating disorders: those who use food and eating to avoid their feelings. The essence will help them to be present in the moment and to function better mentally.
Periwinkle(Vinca minor)
Life Lessons
Periwinkle helps us to understand the lessons of our past and therefore to make wiser decisions for our future. This is especially helpful when the lessons are difficult and painful. The essence imbues us with the courage to heal and go on.
Pineapple Sage(Salvia Elegans)
Respectful Speech
When difficult words must be said, Pineapple Sage helps choose the best way to relay the information.
Pleurisy Root(Asclepias tuberosa)
Solar Plexus Balance
Pluerisy Root flower essence addresses issues of the solar plexus chakra. It helps to heal stress and anxiety especially when they are caused by painful relationships. The feeling of “butterflies in the stomach” is an indication that this essence is needed.
Pokeweed(Phytolacca americana)
Psychological Breakthrough
This essence is useful in transforming experience and intellectual knowledge into the intrinsic gut level emotional knowledge of the person. It is for “psychological breakthrough”. It will cleanse old trauma and toxic thoughts from the system and help the person put them into perspective, understand, and deal with them once and for all. It works on both ends of the spectrum: bringing to conscious understanding the issue which the person may have been suppressing or ignoring so that they are finally able to deal with it, and also taking issues of long standing which have been continually and consciously bothering the person and bringing these issues to some kind of resolution. This is a very powerful essence and it is prudent to combine it with essences that will support the transformational experience, or to use it in combination with other supportive therapies such as psychological counseling or Shamanic Reiki. It is an important piece of healing, but it is not the entire piece.
Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria)
Clear Visions
Temporarily aligns all chakras. Purple Loosestrife is a “visionary herb” in magickal practice. The flower essence brings stability to those whose visions have overwhelmed and unbalanced them. They may not be functioning well in the world, as their psychic impressions may seem more real and present to them than their physical daily life. This essence may benefit schizophrenics.

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